Full Time Care


Our carefully selected educators do full time care for your children from their own home. Educators homes are approved after a strick assessment. If parent require full time care for their children, we can find available educator close to their suburb.

Before and After School Care


Cares R us educators are available in some of the western Sydney suburbs. Before and After School Care is also available in the family day care.

Holiday Care


Cares R Us family day care educators are working during the school holidays as well. If the parent need only holiday care for their children, they can contact our scheme. We can find the available educator from the near by suburb.

Organising Care for Children


If you a parent looking for family day care educator for your child/ren, contact us. Cares R Us Family Day Care Scheme currently have educators across most regions in Sydney. Our educators are fully accredite and trained. They provide flexible services from their approved home environment. Our scheme regularly monitor the educators and their environment. We aim to provide quality and safe care to children, families and communities. 

Recruting Educators


We are currently recruiting Educators across all parts of Sydney.  We assess the below before giving approval to the educator.

  • 1. Physical environment of educators    house
  • 2. Educational Qualifications
  • 3. Equipments and toys
  • 4. Educator's knowledge about       children's health and safety


Looking after payments including CCS (Child Care Subsidy).

  • Fully Accredited home based family day care by trained and experienced educators (formerly known as carers) in their own homes.
  • In Home Care, a flexible service where educators (nannies or therapists) come to the family home to provide child care
  • Numerous Family Day Care centres at locations across Sydney
  • Approved care which provides access to child care benefit 
  • An innovative service that meets the needs of each child as well as the demands of busy families.

Children Services

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Part Time Care


Our carefully selected educators do part time care depending on parent's requirements from educators own home. Educators homes are approved after a strick assessment.