Are you the parent and looking to register your child/ren in Cares R Us Family Day Care Scheme?


Our carefully selected educators look after children full time or part time depending on parent's requirements from their own home. Educators homes are approved after a strick assessment. Cares R Us Family Day Care Scheme currently have educators across most regions in Sydney. If you want to register your child/ren, visit our office. Our friendly staff are available in the office Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm or call 02 9533 5581. 



Each child daily routine depends on the parent and the age of the child. Parents are to discuss with the educator their child's routines and preferences. Ask the educator what they do during the day. Some educators are regularly committed to outside activities this may include (play sessions, school drop off and pickups, story-telling sessions). Discuss with the educator what range of activities they participate in throughout the year and provide a routine that work for child.



Excursions provide an opportunity for children to engage in meaningful ways with their communities. Excursions are an essential part of Family Day Care routines. Excursions are either routine or non-routine. All excursions require careful planning to safeguard children and that that they are offered experiences which are appropriate to their developmental stage.




Routine excursions

Routine excursions may include trips to local parks, other educator’s homes, libraries or schools:

  • Parents/guardians are notified of the educators regular outings and parent/guardian must provide a written authorisation prior to child attending outing;
  • Educators must always carry a current list of parent/guardian contact and Coordination Unit telephone numbers;
  • Educators take adequate and appropriate food, drink, and clothing and activity equipment for all children;
  • Educators are not permitted to take children to do their weekly grocery shopping or run errands as this is not educational
  • Educators are required to be contactable during excursions, e.g. providing parents/guardians with their mobile phone number.


Non routine excursions

In the event of a non-routine excursion, educator must obtain written authorisation from a parent/ guardian. The authorisation must state the following:

  • The date of the excursion;
  • The proposed destination;
  •  The method of transport or walking itinerary;
  • The activities to be carried out during the excursion;
  • The number of adults to accompany and supervise the children;
  • The name of the person with first aid qualifications who will accompany the children on the excursion and a first aid kit is taken;
  • The proposed period of time during which the excursion is to take place;
  • An emergency contact number for the excursion.

A Risk Assessment is completed for all excursions prior to them taking place.

Excursions to beaches, swimming pools or parks close to water are classified as high risks and are not an excursion option.

Please refer to Excursion Policy for further information.



Educators and parents/Guardians are to come to an agreement on whether the parent or the educator will provide meals for the child. Educator and parent/guidance will discuss meals charges according to the fee schedule if supplied by the educator.

Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd encourages good nutritional and dental habits. Educators are encourage to share information about the nutritional requirements of children with parents/guardians who provide meals. Some foods may be excelled at care due to allergies. Parents/ guardians who supply meals are encouraged to provide a healthy and varied diet for their child that includes fruit and vegetables each day. Parent/guidance are advice to avoids sweet or salty snack foods. Educator will provide children with water during the day.



When dressing children, consider clothing and footwear that allows freedom of movement for climbing, running, painting and messy play. Educators will provide sun hat and sunscreen for children all year. The Sun Safety Policy (Sun Smart) provides more information about sun protection during outdoor activities. For more information please talk to your educator. Parents please provide a change of clothing every day for your child in care including water-bottle.


Rest Time/Sleeping

Educators organise sleep time or quiet time for children in care. Even if the child does not sleep, they may have some quiet rest time. This include quiet activities such as reading books or puzzles.


Behaviour Guidance

Under any circumstances, the educator should not use any form of physical punishment, immobilization or any other humiliating or frightening techniques to discipline a child. Educators are NOT ALLOWED to smack and or heavily discipline children even with the permission of parents/guardians.


Suspected Child Abuse

Parents/Guardian and/or educators have a moral responsibility to immediately report suspected child abuse to the Cares R Us Family Day Care Coordination unit, or directly to protective services.


Communication Book

The educator will have a communication book.  This book is used by the Educator to notify Parents/Guardians of events that are happening during the day and for the Parents/Guardian to give a note about changes to the child's daily routine that may alter care.   This book does not take the place of Medication Forms or Accident Forms.


Grievance and Complaint

What do you do if you have a grievance/complaint?

If your have a complaint please discuss the issue first with your educator.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd Co-ordination Unit 02 9533 5581

We have a Grievance/Complaints Procedure that supports and guides this process.



The educational program and practice is stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development.  In services for children over preschool age, the program nurtures the development of life skills and complements children’s experiences, opportunities and relationships at school, at home and in the community. Educational Programs and practices will be guided by the Belonging, Being and Becoming Framework for Early Childhood and School Age Children. Activities should be age appropriate and are to meet developmental stages and learning needs of children.


Time sheets/ Attendance records

Timesheets/Attendance records are legal documents, all details regarding hours of care, meals, travel must be recorded on a fortnightly time sheet. The Parents/Guardians must:

Sign Time sheets as soon as care for the week is completed.

Parents/Guardians must accurately complete the daily attendance section on their child's timesheet on arrival and departure from the Educators home. All sign in/out is electronic from January 2019. 

This is a contractual requirement of your child’s participation in the Family Day Care program. Please note that all absences from care must be recorded on the attendance record and initialled by the parent/Guardian.



Educators in the course of their day may use a vehicle to transport children.

When planning excursions the educator must ensure supervision, safety and wellbeing of all children in care are taken into account; and

Children must never be left unattended in a car.

When transporting children, educators must ensure that:

Each child is correctly seated in an approved child seat or restraint suitable to the child's age, size or other special requirements if any;

All car seats meet the required safety standards by taking their car annually to the Australian and New Zealand standard; and

All vehicles are currently registered and appropriately insured.


Dropping off and Picking up your child

Only nominated persons may collect children from care. If for any reason you or the nominated person is unable to pick up your child please phone and notify the educator to organize other arrangements. It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to keep to the time agreed to in regards to booked hours / timesheets. If you are late, please phone your educator and let them know. The emergency telephone number on the enrolment form will be contacted if parents/guardians are over one hour late and cannot be contacted. Parents are to contact the educator, if not late fees will apply.


Terminating Care

Written notice of leaving Family Day Care must be given TWO calendar week in advance to the educator and Coordination Unit, or TOW week fees will be payable in lieu of notice. Cease Care Form is available from the office or your educator. Please note that Child Care Subsidy is not available on fees paid in lieu of notice.