Payment of fees policy


Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd is responsible for setting the fees and also will review levies and charges annually. Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd will keep costs as low as possible to facilitate the inclusion of all families and minimise exclusion of children due to high costs of childcare whilst maintaining a fee structure that ensures the financial viability of the scheme. Educators of Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd are self-employed.  


Child Care Subsidy (CCS) replaced Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

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Absences and child care benefit


Families receive an entitlement of 42 allowable absences per child each financial year (not per child care service) from FAO.

Please be notify that if you have a child in both Family Day Care and another service (centre-based care or outside school (hours), you will need to monitor absences to ensure that the 42-day limit is not exceeded. Once this limit is exceeded, full fees for absent days are applicable, unless you provide documentation such as a medical certificate.




The fee parent/guardians pay is recorded on the Attendance Record that educator provide. After your attendance record has been processed, the educator will issue a receipt and make any changes necessary. Keep all receipts for reference purposes.

Fee Schedule

Fees are calculated per hour per child. The fee schedule below will give parents/guardians an ideal of what to pay for each child per hour if educator adopt the service recommended fee. Educators have the right to set their fees according to the quality of their service, with taking in consideration the fee schedule.


Cares “R” Us Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd  Fee range including standard and non standard hours are

between $6 - $12 per hour