Our Team

Director- Mostafa Mohamed 

Email:- mostafacaresrus@gmail.com


Cares R Us Family Day Care founder Mostafa Mohamed has experience in assisting with lessons and collaborating with other professionals to provide the highest level of education.


As Director of Cares R Us Family Day Care Mostafa is responsible to motivate, develop and lead Cares R Us Family Day Care. His areas of focus are:-


  • Ensure Cares R Us Family Day Care is well co-ordinated with other relevant services in the local area and promote Family Day Care as a quality child care service.
  • Building and maintaining a strong network within the community
  • Developing and maintaining budget plans ensuring sustainable outcomes
  • Providing leadership and assistance to staff
  • Manage the Finances & Admin operations of the Family Day Care 
  • Developing a nurturing and caring culture within staff and educators
  • Take feedback from key stakeholders, eg educators and work to build improvements to the family day care.



Nominated Supervisor / Educational Leader - 

Mary Bindu Perinbamoorthy 

Email:- marycaresrus@gmail.com


Cares R Us FDC Nominated Supervisor Mary Bindu Perinbamoorthy has good understanding of current “Education and care service national regulation and law”, National Quality Standards and Cares R Us FDC policies and procedures.


She has experience of leading and mentoring group of educators and staff.She is responsible for supporting Cares R Us Family Day Care Staff, Educators and families.


She played very important role during the December 2020 assessment and rating. Her support helped the scheme to achieve rating “Meeting the National Quality Standard”. She is highly organized and possess strong leadership skills.


She is also responsible for educational programs as an educational leader. Her understanding and knowledge about our educational program, leads our educators towards the quality program. She received training about the educational program directly from ACECQA team.



Manager - Sara Mahmoud 

Email:- saracaresrus@gmail.com   


Ensuring the smooth running of the office on a day-to-day basis and support the staff. organising meetings and managing databases. Dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries.

Supervising and monitoring the work. Using a range of software packages. Assisting the organisation's HR function by keeping personnel records up to date, arranging interviews and so on.