Service Philosophy




Cares ‘R’Us Family Day Care upholds the traditional values of justice, courage, integrity, inclusion, kindness and honesty. Our practices are guided with these values and we strive to create learning environment that foster children’s development in areas of language, social and emotional, spiritual, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills. In Cares ‘R’Us Family Day Care learning occurs in small groups where children’s voices are heard, opinions respected, and sense of agencies and independence is promoted. We do this to achieve our main goal which is to equip each child with knowledge and skills to become competent and healthy citizens (becoming).


Central to this is our holistic approach to teaching where we consider children’s sense of belonging, their being here and now and what they aspire to become as influential individual that make up and enrich the wider Australian society.


We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, past and present. We pay our respect to their elders’ past, present and emerging.


Our planned programs are based on the quality outcomes for children, and reflects the principles outlined in the Education and Care Services National Law. Educators in our scheme assists in planning, implementing, and evaluating quality experiences for children.

Our statement of philosophy reflects the principles of National Quality Framework, including Early Year Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place. The statement will reflect current thinking in early and middle childhood and reflect a shared understanding of the role of the service with children, families, and the community.


Through continues effort we incorporate elements of sustainability in our program by encouraging children to care for nature and use the nature as source of inspiration for creativity, learning and healthy growth. We implemented self-assessment process to improve our quality. We involved staff, educators and families in the self-assessment process to get a better quality and to provide quality care.


In Cares ‘R’Us Family Day Care we recognise and respect that each team member has his/her own set of values, life experiences, interests, strengths and professional identity. The management encourages our educators to pursue their own personal and professional goals while working in boundaries of prescribed frameworks. Cares ‘R’Us management and other team members adhere to the Code of Conduct and we are committed to personal and professional growth and learning through ongoing reflective practices, trainings and participation in community.

Families are the most important people in their child’s life, and they have valuable information about their children to share with us. Cares ‘R’Us educators and management respect parents’ childrearing practices, culture and beliefs and these are imbedded in our practices. Partnership with families is one of the most important aspects of our work

therefore, we endeavour to build sound and reciprocal relationship with parents, extended family members and community (belonging).

We place high value on involvement with community recognizing it as an evolving resource benefiting children, families, and the community.


Service Mission


Cares R Us Family Day Care scheme aims to provide a quality service, which will fulfil the individual needs of all children. We support and encourage our educators to develop a learning environment which will provide maximum opportunities for the children to learn, through our regular trainings, electronic communications, and home visits. Children are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge, self-discipline, respect for self and others. We aim to provide quality service to our community.


Service Values


Respect, Honesty, Diversity, Integrity, Tolerance, Quality


Service Beliefs


We belief that all children have right to experience quality care. Each child is an individual with the different abilities and interest. Each child’s ideas and believes must be respected. We belief all children are capable and successful learners and should be treated equally. Each child’s cultural background should be respected. We believe all children need opportunities to express their ideas and to realise their full potential.


We belief working with families and communities are important to increase our quality of our service. We belief in the importance of doing regular evaluation of staff and educators and support their continued professional learning. We understand the importance of developing sustainable society.


Our statement of philosophy is the living document, that will be reviewed annually.